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Sygnia is a cyber technology and services company, that provides high-end consulting and online incident response support to companies around the world.

Sygnia takes a proactive approach to prevent cyber attacks and develops tools that allow companies to quickly respond and beat any cyber attack on their network.

It didn’t take long for Sygnia to become a trusted advisor and service provider of technology and security teams, management, and boards of leading organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies.

Proactive Defense

With Sygnia, your company can assess, stress test, and build your ability to detect, prevent, and defeat attacks – without harming your bottom line. They will implement comprehensive technology and expertise to meet your security needs and add protection from emerging threats, by cutting through complexity, optimizing resource allocation, and managing risk.

Adversarial Security

With Sygnia, you’ll be able to use your attacker’s perspective, technical testing, and strategic simulations as leverage to improve your security and crisis management capabilities.

Sygnia runs multiple tests and simulated attacks to discover vulnerabilities in your network, and patch them before a competitor or cyber hacker can discover and exploit them.

This knowledge is used as a valuable learning experience responding to attacks.

Threat Response

Take control of your network and investigate, contain, and defeat attacks while minimizing impact and enabling effective recovery. Sygnia forensics and incident response capabilities are designed to effectively counter the full spectrum of attacks, resolve incidents, and support risk management and business recovery.