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We maintain a high level of honesty and transparency, our reviews are unbiased and we don’t allow these relationships to affect which products we recommend.


Our team of online security experts has years of experience reviewing, testing, and ranking all kinds of online cybersecurity tools. We do our best to keep everything as simple as possible, avoid industry-jargon and confusing terms, to prevent any confusion.

While we may have a professional relationship with some of the companies that we review, we believe in honesty over anything else. If we don’t like a product, or it doesn’t work how it should, we will include that in our reviews and posts.

We found that not only do our readers appreciate the honesty, but the vendors also do as well, as it gives them an opportunity to fix any bugs or errors that we find.

In addition to VPN reviews, our website has a strong focus on the world of cybersecurity. We highlight up and coming cyber security startups, educational institutions, and warn you of the danger from hackers, scammers, and other bad actors.

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Don’t be fooled by our web address, and name this website is not connected to the Opera browser or the free OperaVPN that they used to offer. OperaVPN was retired as a standalone app in 2018 and integrated with their browser our connection is purely coincidental.