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Looking for a reliable torrent client for Mac and Windows? Torrenting has made peer-to-peer file sharing fast yet safe. Today we appreciate the versatility of torrent technology in the sense that Mac and Windows users can share copyright-free media without getting into trouble.

While some users just need a simple automated application to engage with the P2P traffic, advanced users prefer customizing everything. The best torrent client lets you download customized files from seeders.

However, choosing the best free torrents can be a daunting task, mostly because of their diverse features. And it’s only by doing so you can determine how effective a P2P downloader is. Regardless of the diversity, free torrent clients for Mac and Windows operating systems should be safe.

A torrent downloader makes it easy to transfer large files in the shortest time possible, saving much of your valuable time. Using a safe free torrent protects one from cybercriminals lurking behind vulnerable torrents, making using your computer a nightmare.

After rigorous research, I put together the 10 best free torrent clients for Windows and Mac users. Although they are from different developers, our research determined that they’re all safe and fast.

The only differences between our top recommendations are their scope of customization security and features. However, each is suitable for different users, including those who prefer simple and advanced features.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks for the Best Free Torrent Clients

  • uTorrent – Free, lightweight P2P downloader with a clean interface for advanced users
  • qBittorrent Customizable interface that’s ideal for torrent beginners
  • BitTorrentOpen source client with plenty of functionalities but displays ads.
  • Bitlord – Allows users to play torrent files while downloading.
  • Vuze – Well-designed free torrent client that is compatible with major platforms
  • Download torrent files from your Windows and Mac computer
  • Useful features for skilled torrentors
  • Unlimited ads – but not malicious

Having uTorrent is a big win for regular torrentors. uTorrent leads the pack with millions of downloads, making it one of the longstanding P2P software available in the market.

The free version contains several useful functionalities. These include speed cap scheduling, bandwidth limitation, and remote client management.

Here, downloading and sharing large files is straightforward. Users can still get access to streaming magnet links for their favorite content.

While uTorrent is entirely configurable, the client has some significant limitations worth checking out. Talk of bundled software in the first download, unlimited ads and resource-heavy software.


  • uTorrent web lets you stream content before download is complete
  • Schedule download functionality
  • Many extra features


  • Closed-source software
  • Locked features in free-version
  • Open-source torrent client- updated and improved frequently
  • Built-in media player
  • User-friendly interface

qBittorrent is by far the best open-source torrent client that offers you a simple way to download torrents. During the process, you can download files in bulk from your PC without any interruptions, annoying ads or unbundled bloatware.

I prefer the simple interface because it’s easy to navigate through the settings. Thankfully, the advanced settings allow you to customize your files into suitable formats.

However, you may take some time to get used to the advanced settings, but once you do, everything becomes a breeze.

qBittorrent offers several benefits, including making a schedule of computer resource limits. You can choose whether to watch a video while you download it.


  • Ad free
  • Advanced settings
  • Useful add-ons


  • Advanced settings pose a real challenge to beginners
  • Adjust priority levels for downloads
  • Schedule different times for downloads
  • In-built search functionality

BitTorrent is another versatile torrent client that you can use on your Windows and macOS devices. Though a free platform, it takes a leading position in having regular updates.

It boasts a handful of features useful for both novices and experienced users. Good examples include; malware protection, WiFi-only feature, playback, and more. A customizable interface makes it easy to find the torrent files directly on the search box.

BitTorrent offers useful functionality including built-in search functionality, encrypted connections and built-in search function. All of these are aimed at improving your torrenting experience.

On the downside, BitTorrent’s free version has bundled software into the download, and the ads are a feature of the software.


  • Light software
  • Easy navigation
  • Download management feature


  • Free-version contains ads
  • Disruptive bundled software
  • Plays while downloading
  • Built-in media player
  • Automatic subtitles for major languages

BitLord beats many other rivals in our competitive list of free torrent clients. With its versatility, you can use BitLord with both Windows and macOS operating systems.

The free torrent downloader is easy-to-use. Through its advanced search functionality and interactive organization of downloads, you can get the job done without any issues

BitLord makes it easy for you to search torrents based on category and popularity.  You can select downloads depending on the year, month, week, or day.

It doesn’t contain advanced but locked functionalities, meaning, it gives you all in the best manner possible.


  • Simple interface
  • Adaptive download organizer
  • Password security functionality


  • Bundled software in downloads
  • An integrated built-in search feature
  • Android app for remote management
  • Ads presence on its free-version

Vuze gives you a chance to use a free torrent client with a simple and clean interface. It enables you to stream your videos while downloading through its built-in media player.

What makes it unique is the built-in search functionality. I was impressed to make my searches using this unique feature. Plus, it simplified all torrenting activities I engaged in.

It also attempts to pass in an antivirus program during initial installation, a tactic that other torrent clients use through bundled bloatware during installations.

Better still, Vuze enables you to use an Android app in managing your downloads, uploads, set schedules and pause the torrents.

One of the few annoyances is that Vuze has ads on its free version. The invasive ads interrupt you when making a search.


  • Many useful features
  • Simple interface


  • Unlimited ads
  • Relatively heavy-software

Why Use A VPN with Your Torrent Client

Although torrenting is the leading form of sharing files, the activity comes with many challenges. Sometimes, even when you visit the best torrent sites, your ISP can block your access to the websites.

Your ISP may threaten you with a cease-and-desist letter – this isn’t a good experience anyone would wish to have. In extreme cases, your ISP can go further and terminate your web connection.

You can avoid such inconveniences when you use the best VPN for torrenting. A VPN will hide your torrenting activity from the prying eyes of your internet provider. This will save you from getting slapped with a cease-desist letter or legal actions from torrenting.

It also guarantees you unlimited access to websites in your country. Users do use the VPN to get around previously blocked websites around the world.

CyberGhost is the best VPN for torrenting for several reasons. It’s equipped with uncrackable encryption alongside P2P-optimized servers to ensure safe torrenting sessions. CyberGhost saves you from disappointments and nerve-wrecking threats from your ISPs.

What is a "Torrent Client"?

The term “torrent” refers to a shared file, especially through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The P2P file enables you to get access to a file without it being uploaded on a server.

Torrent clients do not refer to people, rather, it is the method of sharing files. The clients are the software that enables the peer-to-peer system to work. Torrent clients, therefore, enable you to download large files fast.

Your torrenting experience depends on the capability of the torrent client you’re going to use. The top ten free torrent clients mentioned on our list provide a safe torrenting experience.

Is Torrenting Legal?

You are not engaging in illegal activities when using a torrent client. The law catches up with you only when you download copyrighted material.

While you can legally use torrent clients to engage in peer-to-peer file sharing, you are expected to act responsibly and desist from downloading unsanctioned copyright files.

If you are nabbed downloading copyrighted material, you can face heavy consequences, including heavy fines and lawsuits.

We recommend that you download only legal files and if in doubt, research to ascertain the legality of your torrenting.

You may encounter challenges finding the best free torrent client. We have made it easy for you by providing the best free torrent clients of all time.

All our recommendations above are safe. You only need to consider the extra functionalities and make an informed decision.

Our top choice is the uTorrent torrent client. Its free version is simple to use and doesn’t contain ads. You can never go wrong with this free torrent client.

Remember to use a VPN for a better torrenting experience. A VPN app will hide your IP address from sites you’re visiting, your ISP, and the government.

A VPN simply makes you anonymous, making it impossible for any prying eyes to trace your online movements.