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Every torrent enthusiast hailed uTorrent as the most reliable torrent client until BitTorrent, Inc. acquired it. Admittedly, it was an open-source client with a neat interface, but this seems to be a thing of the past. Instead, the app is crammed with annoying ads and spammy offers.

Although many people still use it, some aren’t comfortable with its current state, and they’re seeking alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of torrent clients that can help you download large files efficiently.

Which are the best uTorrent alternatives? I invested my time testing hundreds of torrent clients to figure out the ones with the least suspicious activity. I recommend qBittorrent. It’s very light, ad-free, and highly functional software you’ll find.

Torrenting activity has gained notoriety due to the privacy risks associated with it. So, it’s important to download torrents with a VPN to stay anonymous. A VPN protects you against cyber threats while downloading and sharing P2P files.

CyberGhost is my top recommendation because it features torrenting-optimized servers. You can also try it risk-free for 45 days. Let’s dive into our competitive list of best uTorrent alternatives.

In a Hurry? Here are our Top Recommendations for 2024

  • qBittorrent: A Free, simple, and reliable uTorrent alternative that supports “sequential downloading.
  • Deluge: Super lightweight cross-platform torrent client with a neat interface.
  • Vuze: Best torrenting client for accessing videos, TV shows, software, music, and a few intrusive ads.
  • BitTorrent:Best peer-to-peer program for uploading, downloading, and managing files as efficiently as possible.
  • Tixati: A free torrent client with tons of options for experienced torrenters and novices alike.

Although some display ads, they come with more advanced features than those of uTorrent. But use a VPN to stay private when using torrent clients.

Quick Guide: How to Download Torrents with a VPN to Protect Yourself

  • Get a VPN for torrenting. I recommend CyberGhost.
  • Download the VPN app. After downloading, install the VPN and connect to a server.
  • Torrent. Start torrenting safely.

When downloading and sharing torrents, there’s a fear of cyber threats. It’s worth installing a VPN that will adequately keep you anonymous.

A secure torrenting VPN doesn’t just unblock geo-restrictions imposed to allow you access the content you’re after – it masks your IP address to keep your data safe from your ISP, hackers, and other third parties.

CyberGhost is good at this. It features P2P-optimized servers specifically designed for torrenting.

Besides, the VPN should come with an adblocker. NordVPN has an adblocker that notifies you of suspicious websites and blocks all infected downloads.

qBittorrent – Free Torrent Client with a Balance of Simplicity and Speed

qBittorent shares a lot of things with uTorrent, making it the best alternative. Starting with pure customization options, the torrent client has everything uTorrent had at its peak and much else.

With qBittorent, you can play torrents (e.g. movies) while downloading in an integrated High Definition media player. Users can also convert files to play on another device. I converted my torrents files after downloading them to play on my mobile phone.

Enjoy a well-organized user interface that articulately assembles each function is easy to navigate. The number #1 torrent client can handle magnetic links as well. Other exciting features include IP filtering, torrent creation, scheduling torrent downloads.

The free version of qBiTorrent contains annoying ads. But you can get rid of them by subscribing to a BitTorrent Pro.

Now you can install qBiTorrent on all major operating systems; Windows, macOS, Linux.

Deluge – Very Light uTorrent Alternative for Beginners

Substituting uTorrent with Deluge will never disappoint. Having overcome a few setbacks in the past, the Deluge works perfectly across many desktop environments.

You can download torrents Windows 10, and it still remains the best choice on Linux and macOS. The small app can be integrated into web browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

It’s a solid open-source yet lightweight tool that will take up less space on your hard drive. I found that Deluge weighs only 33 KB, beating out its rivals hands down in terms of space-saving.

Deluge is the most versatile free torrent client I’ve ever tested. It can be as lean, powerful, or simple as you want.

Power users sing praise for this torrent app because it’s extendable via plugins. That’s to say; you can improve its functionality, personalize your experience and customize it.

At a glance, the interface looks good, but it will pose a challenge if you’re using a torrent client the first time. It’s somehow more crowded. If you don’t entertain ads, then Deluge is bloatware and ad-free.

Vuze: Feature Rich Torrent Client But Be Mindful of Ads

Vuze has been there for a while now. It’s a feature-packed torrent client but be aware of potential bloatware. No worries, though – this is a common problem among torrent clients. For Vuze, ads are very minimal. You can evade the ads by subscribing to Vuze Plus for $4/month

The software offers a handful of features you’ll like. One of its biggest selling assets is its interface, which is neatly designed, intuitive and engaging. This vividly indicates that it suits beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Vuze allows you access to its large library of plugins so that you can customize the interface as per your desire.

Finally, Vuze offers IP filtering bandwidth limiting, and its premium version of it adds integrated virus protection. You can view all media files you download to prevent viruses that would otherwise infect your device.

BitTorrent: BitTorrent's Own Client With Built-In Bandwidth Booster

The popular BitTorrent client is the answer if you’re looking for TV shows, videos, music, software, or audiobooks. The developers behind the BitTorrent project aim at providing a free software uTorrent alternative. And with this rebranded version, you can download large files fast while playing them instantly.

BitTorrent comes with a built-in bandwidth booster that helps you manage both magnetic links and torrent files. You can decide what to download between the two, whichever you prefer.

I love BitTorrent’s ability to manage paired devices, support “sequential downloading, and schedule torrent downloads. In addition, the app grants you permission to limit bandwidth use.

A clean interface keeps users coming back for more. I was pleased with a drag-and-drop feature that eases everything – from searching your desired content to easily customizing your interface.

Tixati: Advanced Options For Advanced Torrenters

Another uTorrent replacement with amazing standout features is Tixati. It’s a closed-source BitTorrent-based client that is usable with your Windows and Linux computers. This torrent downloader is free of any adware or spyware. I watched TV shows without the fear of infecting the health of my PC device with viruses.

You’ll be able to stream and download video content simultaneously. And if you rely on subtitles when watching movies, Taxati generates them for you.

Its minimalistic interface comes with lots of possibilities for both starters and advanced users. Installing the client is way more straightforward. You can customize it to different interfaces, including Bandwidth, and DHT, much like uTorrent used to be.

Other bonus features include download scheduling, unmatched Bandwidth, IP filtering, and detailed reporting.

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What Is Safer Than uTorrent?

qBittorrent and BitTorrent are better off. Although they are regarded as safe, you will be safer if you use a trustworthy VPN for torrenting.

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Is It Safe to Use a Torrent Client?

Torrenting allows you download and distribute large files easily and quickly. Most of the content you’re downloading may infect your device. It’s also illegal to download copyrighted content. Just use a VPN to mitigate these safety threats.