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Good music thrives in any setting. Whether you’re doing day-to-day gym workouts, commuting, or working on some DIY projects, music is going to shock you out of the daily monotony of isolation.

While you can listen to music on apps like YouTube and Spotify, you’ll need to pay a premium to remove the commercials. That said, music enthusiasts are opting for music torrenting sites as the alternative.

Torrenting sites offer you the quickest way to download your favorite tracks without a hassle. You can discover new artists or download your favorite artist’s complete musical library. Once downloaded, create the perfect playlist for every occasion.

However, finding torrenting sites that work consistently is a daunting task as most Search Engines hide them and only display fake ones that contain irksome ads and dodgy links. Lucky for you, we tested over 30 torrent sites and compiled a list of the top 5 that will work for you.

Tested and proven, these sites provide you with a wide selection of music categorized per album, genre, or artist and the number of singles you can download.

In A Hurry? Here Are The Best Torrent Sites at a Glance:

Torrent SitesStandout Highlights
The Pirate BayMost popular torrent site with plenty of content to download and advanced filtering options
Torrentz2An optimized torrent site with a vast library of content, including music, movies, and games TV shows.
1337xUser-friendly interface coupled with top-notch quality music torrents
RARBGAccessible, wide range of torrents and active community is its biggest win.
LimeTorrentsOffers torrents with the most seeds and leeches, ad-free

Why You Need a VPN for Downloading Music Torrents

Visiting these torrent sites can put your online activity at notable risks, though. So, you can escape this by anonymizing yourself with a VPN for torrenting. I would be inclined to go with NordVPN, CyberGhost, or Private Internet Access.

Using a VPN to download and share your favorite music will maximize your online privacy and anonymity. Put simply, it helps create secure connections to keep off any vicious viruses and malware from unstable sites.

In some countries like the United States, Denmark, and China, these types of sites are completely blocked. A good VPN will allow you to unblock them at ease.

A powerful VPN features military-grade encryption that conceals your browsing activity, IP address, and personal information.

My favorite VPN for torrenting music is CyberGhost. It has a plethora of superior security features and ultra-speed connections for torrenting. On top of that, it guarantees you a 45-day refund so that you can try it out yourself hassle-free.

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Best Music Torrenting Sites Reviewed

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top music torrenting websites that will work for you.


  • Best features: Magnet links supported, minimalist user interface, top-quality FLAC format music
  • Frequent activity: Many seeders and verified unloaders
  • Types of content: Music, movies, songs, games, TV shows, and software
  • Availability: Banned in several locations like the UK, Australia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Russia, Belgium, UAE, Sweden, Argentina, and more.
  • Instant Download support: Yes
PirateBay Logo

The Pirate Bay gets over 50 million visitors every month. It was founded in 2003 as a platform for providing premium stuff for free, but today it’s the king of P2P file-sharing.

What I like most about this site is its vast library of torrents. It gives you an option to download music, games, TV shows, movies, free software, and more. From the estimated millions of torrenting files available, choose any genre of music you’re yearning for.

the piratebay musci torrents

The site features an easy-to-use interface that supports every user. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a novice, just use a simple search bar to get the favorite album you want.

It’s unlikely that most torrent sites will keep your online life anonymous. Nonetheless, The Pirate Bay prioritizes safety to its users. One thing it does is to verify uploaders and identify which torrents are trustworthy.

Well, the site won’t guarantee protection from viruses, spyware, and malware, but at least this verification minimizes the chance of infection.

You’ll appreciate its filtering system, which allows you to search by file quality, format, and console. This will save you time when searching for any music.

Besides, you can utilize the top 100 feature to find a lot of seeders for faster downloads. Thanks to the large library of torrents (including old and obscure torrents).

Perhaps one drawback about The Pirate Bay is its limitations. Despite being popular, the site is blacklisted in over 28 countries worldwide. Also, it serves you with a few ads. To prevent this, download torrents with a VPN that’s integrated with an ad blocker – CyberGhost is an ideal choice.


  • Best features: Advanced filtering options, minimalist interface
  • Frequent activity: Verified uploaders to guarantee torrents trustworthiness
  • Type of Content: Music, movies, games, TV shows, books, applications, and a lot more
  • Availability: Banned by just a few ISPs
  • Instant download support: No

Torrentz2 succeeded the old-torrent site Torrentz after the latter collapsed in 2016. So, it’s an updated version of a torrent site that has proved to be reliable lately.

It enjoys immense popularity as a go-to place for downloading every music torrent. You can also download movies, games, books, TV shows, and applications, among others. The metasearch engine indexes files from over 100 different domains.torrentz2 music torrents

Torrentz2 also shows you how large the music file is and how long the file will take to get downloaded.

Owing to its neat interface, Torrentz2 is one of the easiest sites to navigate. Everyone can surf without needing technical skills. Users can as well filter torrents to specify whether they’re verified or not, thus boosting their convenience.

The site, however, doesn’t support instant downloads. That shouldn’t worry you that much as you can download multiple tracks simultaneously.

When I tested, the download speed was 1.9MBs. Pop-up ads, misleading and fake links are very common, so they need to fix a lot of bugs to make the site safe. Use it with a VPN to improve your anonymity.


  • Best features: Attractive, simple interface coupled with popular music torrents
  • Types of Content: Music, anime. Movies, games, TV shows, and software
  • Availability: Banned in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Austria.
  • Mirror sites: 1337x.st, x1337x.se, 1337x.is, x1337x.ws
  • Instant download support: Yes
1773x logo

1337x is another large torrent database available online. One feature that makes it stand out against the competition is its range of subcategories to choose from. You’ll access not only the genre of music but also discographies, live concerts, and DVDs.

In addition to that, the diverse subcategories section allows you to discover new music, giving you an endless time to download what you want. Other torrents to go for include; TV shows, movies, and several games.

It is more of a torrenting site than just a labyrinth, as proved by its intuitive interface. You’ll understand and navigate effortlessly. After its massive improvement, 1337x’s interface is now faster than before.

For beginners, you’ll get details of each torrent alongside other helpful information, such as whether the file is of good quality or not.

1337x has a very active community, meaning that its vast library of torrents is regularly updated every now and then.

One more thing to like about 1337x is that it displays fewer ads than other torrent sites. The site claims to generate money through donations, which further proves how it values the privacy of its users.

The essential comment section is another bonus. 1337x lets you access the comment and review section to see people’s experience with it. If the download has viruses or malware attached to it, you’ll absolutely know.

I’d urge you to use an antivirus to block the occasional bad torrent in case.


  • Best features; Torrents from different categories, active community
  • Type of content; Music, movies. TV shows, games, desired software, and a lot more
  • Availability; Banned in the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Indonesia, and Pakistan
  • Instant download support: yes

If you’re seeking a music site that verifies all torrents, then RARBG could be your daily choice. It does so to ensure top-notch quality torrents by weeding out all bad ones. Its active community and a team of moderators are responsible for this. New files are also uploaded every hour.

Thanks to the site’s stable reputation from its accessibility. Plus the wide range of torrents segregated into different categories, you can download your favorite old and new music at your comfort.

RARBG recently updated its terms of service to protect users. Now it only allows you to download verified torrents. This reduces the likelihood of downloading dangerous and bad torrents onto your device.

Although this means it doesn’t have as many torrents as other sites, it is  still the 4th most popular torrent site. At least you’re sure of solid privacy while you visit RARBG for whatever you’d wish to download.

Most users report that RARBG’s simple interface provides a superb user experience. You can easily access torrents with one click. I found it easy to filter torrents by date added, size, and the number of seeders by clicking the respective icon on a given category.

On top of that, the site displays the most downloaded torrents for each category so that you review their quality and legitimacy. Remember that RARBG is banned in the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

When testing, I was disturbed by unnecessary pop-up ads. It would be wise if you use an ad blocker, and, in this case, a VPN with an ad blocker built-in is a go-to solution. That gives you ultimate protection against all odds.


  • Best Features: Torrents with the most seeds and leeches, ad-free
  • Type of Content: Music, movies, TV shows, games, and series of software
  • Availability: Banned in the UK, France, and Australia
  • Mirror sites: co, limetor.com, limetorrents.in, Limetorrents.info
  • Instant download support: Yes
limetorrent logo

LimeTorrents has caught the attention of torrenters mostly due to its huge library of downloads such as albums, singles, and many other files. With the vast music library, you can select the specific genre to keep the music coming.

The site also gives you an option to search for around 10  million torrents across all categories and files with the most seeds and leeches if needed.

You won’t be disappointed with what you’re looking for as LimeTorrents has a larger library than The Pirate Bay. That’s amazing!

To simplify the number of searches, this site has the ‘top 100 torrents feature’ that focuses on new releases. But make sure you read the copyright before downloading them so that you don’t break any laws.

One fascinating feature of LimeTorrents is its few to no ads. While other torrent sites are bombarded with annoying video ads, pop-ups, and fake links, LimeTorrents is an exception. You download any sort of song without interruptions.

Its interface is visually pleasing, with direct links to all torrents. Alongside that, it shows the torrents by their size, health, date of uploading, and verification status. I, however, pity the minimal bans in the UK, France, and Australia. Just use a VPN to bypass these restrictions

How to Choose the Best Music Torrenting Sites

Be careful; torrent sites and clients come with a lot of inherent dangers. In fact, many sites don’t support torrenting, so they contain dodgy links with malware and viruses.

Downloading torrents involve online security and privacy risks, so is accessing. Copyright infringements notifications and fines are some of them. That’s why using a VPN is crucial.

When choosing a reliable music torrent site, make sure to check out the following:

  • Security features

Make sure the site you choose has been in existence for at least 5 years. A site with a high number of seeders/leechers and which verifies its torrents is the best.

  • Download speeds

Quality torrent sites offer fast speeds that do wonders even with VPNs. The more the seeders, the fast you’ll download the torrents.

  • Variety of torrents

Consider a site that comes with a range of different content types. With that, you’ll be able to choose music, movies, games, or anything else.

  • High popularity

If you want to avoid fake torrent sites, then choose a website with a high Alexa ranking. It must have a huge internet user base and an active community.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, you can find a reliable music torrent site in our shortlist above without running into dangerous links. All the sites have been tested to make sure they don’t compromise your privacy.

Regardless of which one you choose, each site will provide you with high-quality files, great content, and unmatched download speeds.

What’s more? It’s a wise idea to use a VPN when visiting torrent sites. The VPN enhances anonymity when downloading torrents and avoids speed throttling from ISP.

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