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Movies and TV shows on Netflix move us like nothing else can, whether they’re dramatic, funny, scary, or anywhere-in-between. The streaming giant dominates in the over-the-top (OTT) space, offering its services in 190+ countries to date. Unfortunately, every Netflix library differs by country.

As a Netflix addict, I always find myself binge-watching episodes one after another with my headphones on. But more often than not I run into this proxy error message “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.”

The best way to get around this frustrating proxy error is by signing up for a quality VPN for Netflix. We’ve seen Netflix implement a powerful blocking tech to stamp down on VPNs not long ago. That’s to say, not all VPNs can reliably bypass the geo-block barrier of Netflix. With some VPNs, I couldn’t even get on the Netflix website, and others pass the initial block, but then I got the following error message when I tried streaming:

“Pardon the interruption
Looks like you’re connecting through VPN, proxy, or “unblocker” service. To start watching, please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Error Code M7037-1111 Netflix VPN Error

With hundreds of VPNs up for grabs, I tested over 55 VPNs to identify which ones actually work with Netflix US, Canada UK, Germany, and Japan. Then I ranked them based on accessible libraries, speed, number of optimized servers to connect, compatibility with devices, and customer support.

CyberGhost VPN is my hands-down winner. It offers a fleet of streaming-optimized servers that lets you consistently access 15+ Netflix libraries without any problems. Plus, you can watch HD videos with CyberGhost risk-free by exploiting its 45-day money-back guarantee offering.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks for Best Netflix VPNs

  1. CyberGhost – Best overall VPN for Netflix because it offers streaming-optimized servers to unblock content libraries in 15 Netflix regions.
  2. NordVPN – Works great with Netflix US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and 6 other countries, excellent streaming speed on devices, including Amazon Fire and Smart TVs.
  3. IPVanish Large server network that unblocks over 10 libraries (including Netflix US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia and Australia).
  4. SurfShark – Best budget-friendly VPN with unlimited features for streaming content in HD quality.
  5. PureVPNOffers unlimited data, great speeds and servers for better video streaming on Netflix with zero buffering.
Get CyberGhost for Netflix

While Netflix continues to grow its user base exponentially, unblocking its content libraries from anywhere is becoming tougher than it was a few years ago.

A quality VPN changes your Netflix region or country, opening up a chance to stream your favorite movies and TV shows exclusively available in other countries. For instance, you can access Netflix Japan while in the US or unblock Netflix’s US library in the UK.

So you won’t likely run out of great titles any time soon. Without taking too much of your time, let’s take a closer look at how our listed VPNs performed with Netflix:

  • Works with Netflix US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, and other 10 countries
  • Optimized high speed servers for streaming
  • Streams videos and TV shows on Netflix in HD quality
  • Compatible with: Windows, iOS, Android Mac, Fire Stick, and Smart TVs
  • Also unblocks other major streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+ and more

I was impressed with how seamlessly CyberGhost bypassed the Netflix restrictions during my VPN review.

Out of 7,500+ servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost provides streaming-optimized servers for all major libraries – Netflix US, Canada, Germany, and other 11 libraries. The provider makes it easier to find optimized Netflix servers within the app, too.

Upon launching the VPN, you’ll find the servers on the right-hand side of CyberGhost’s home screen. The “For Streaming” option lists all streaming servers set up for a particular platform. And because your aim is to binge-worthy content on Netflix, just double-click Netflix servers to connect.

CyberGhost Netflix Optimized Servers

Bandwidth limitations and caps? There’s nothing like that with CyberGhost. You get unlimited bandwidth to watch a huge database of the latest episodes as you’d wish. Call it a movie marathon, or whatever – no data limits to spoil your mood.

I wanted to know if CyberGhost’s optimized servers unblock US Netflix from abroad as the VPN provider claims, so I connected to its optimized Dallas, Washington, and New York servers. Given the distance, I expected some unbearably slow loading times.

The results were completely better than I anticipated. I could easily stream Netflix US without receiving proxy errors on my first attempt. My favorite movie, “THE UNFORGIVABLE,” did load in less than 3 seconds on the New York servers. More impressively, all servers were fast, averaging a download speed of 80.44 Mbps on my PS4.

After contacting CyberGhost’s representatives about Netflix, they recommended servers in New York (US), Montreal (Canada), and Frankfurt (Germany) as the most reliable for Netflix. That demonstrates the necessity of having skilled customer support that offers assistance should something go south.

Optimized servers in Japan, Canada, and the UK impressed with varying speeds. They allowed me to connect to Netflix instantly. CyberGhost lets you access Netflix on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and many devices, including Fire Stick TV, Apple TV, and Smart TVs. They’re all easy to use.

Elsewhere, CyberGhost gives you access to Netflix on up to 7 devices simultaneously under a single account. You can watch films on any device, whether at home, overseas, or on the go, as long as you’re connected to its optimized servers. Beyond Netflix, the VPN unlocks BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO GO, and Disney+

If you want to approve the VPN service before subscribing to a longer plan, you can claim 45 days risk-free. Should you change your mind, just ask for a full refund via live chat.

To sweeten the deal, the process is easy without any questions asked.

  • Unblocks multiple Netflix Libraries in the US, UK, Canada, and more
  • Nearby servers deliver Ultra HD quality videos
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhones, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, and Kodi

NordVPN is arguably the most well-established VPN available in the market today. Not many VPNs can match either NordVPN’s unblocking capabilities or the simplicity of its custom apps.

With its global server network, there are plenty of crossovers, with Netflix trending movies showing from 11 countries. It boasts over 5200 servers in 60 locations. In this way, you can easily find nearby servers to bypass Netflix regions.

Even after Netflix improved its VPN-detection technology, I managed to stream TV shows from trickier Netflix libraries with NordVPN. To set things straight, I connected to several servers in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, and Japan. NordVPN successfully unblocked all Netflix libraries without problems.

Notably, the provider has achieved this by prioritizing fast speeds. Nearby servers for US Netflix were reliably fast at 55.43 Mbps, which was more than enough to binge on videos in Ultra HD quality.

When I connected to long-distance servers in Italy, the speed reduced by 10%, yet I streamed cool videos with 3 seconds of load time. If you’re fond of British TV shows, NordVPN is a top pick. I watched my favorite show, “Friends from Italy, with Italian subtitles and no buffering.

Japanese servers gave me good results, too. Netflix Japan has expanded its number of anime titles lately, making it an ideal choice for anime fans. 5 out of 6 servers gave me good results on my first streaming test attempt. One server didn’t avoid a VPN proxy error message, though.

When I tested 3 servers in other countries – India, Korea, and South Africa, NordVPN redirected me to US Netflix. This also happened with 1 Canadian server. I was surprised since Canada is among the most dominant Netflix regions. But when I refreshed the page, the server connected me to Netflix Canada right away.

After reaching out to Nord’s live chat agents, they advised me to flush DNS, clean the cache and reload the Netflix homepage. I tried it myself, and everything went my way. The server connected quickly, allowing me to start streaming right away.

Unlike my experience with other European countries I tested, servers in Germany beat Netflix geo-restrictions in no time. I picked 3 servers randomly from the list, and one after the other, my family watched documentaries without any hitch.

Film fans appreciate NordVPN’s SmartPlay technology. It’s a clever feature that helps you watch 4K content on popular streaming platforms, Netflix included. CyberSec blocked all invasive ads to boost my streaming experience.

During all this time of testing, I used my desktop computer and iPhone Pro to stream. Platform compatibility isn’t an area of concern for NordVPN users. The VPN vendor has dedicated apps for popular platforms. You name them all; Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac computers.

NordVPN comes with 4-tiered subscription plans to choose from. A longer plan brings down your monthly cost. If you’re on a tight budget, you can take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is available for plans.

  • Can access Netflix US, UK, France, and Germany
  • Great speeds for buffer-free streaming
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 live chat and email support

Outstripping the fierce competition, IPVanish has escaped Netflix’s aggressive crusade against VPNs. In fact, it can securely unlock over 10 Netflix prime locations.

A huge server count (34000+ servers globally) gives you the power to stream anonymously no matter where you’re. In reality, you’ll experience zero congestion even on busy weekends or holidays.

Regardless of how big it is, not all IPVanish servers unblocked Netflix. I tested 7 of IPVanish servers in countries with the best Netflix catalogs. While testing, I found that using IPVanish with Netflix is straightforward.

The overall speed stood at 55Mbps, which was significant for playing 4K content without connection issues. Remember IKEv2 is more effective than OpenVPN protocol when it comes to IPVanish. So I increased speed by switching to the former.

While testing Netflix Japan and Canada, I spotted some occasional hiccups. It was discouraging to wait for 6 seconds for the first video to load. The IPVanish representatives requested that I troubleshoot the issue by clearing my browser’s cookies.

My second and third attempts were very successful. That was an impressive fix indeed!

I was pleased that IPVanish connected me to Netflix UK and Germany without any interruptions. On 4 out of 5 servers, the streaming site worked right away.

The good news – you can enable IPVanish split-tunneling to use the VPN only on Netflix without affecting the rest of your devices. In my testing, the feature gave me total control over VPN apps.

It rerouted all the apps I selected through my ISP connection instead of a VPN server. That way, I watched funny TV shows on Netflix while enjoying absolute security and privacy. Thankfully, split tunneling is available on Android-based systems and FireOS apps.

Another perk of IPVanish is the neat and engaging interface. You can set up other available features seamlessly. A further benefit of this service is the unlimited simultaneous connections.

Get IPVanish to access new movie titles from all genres on Netflix. I recommend you to test this US-based VPN risk-free for 30 days. If it doesn’t work for you, claim a full refund.

  • Unblocks 14 Netflix libraries
  • Easy to use
  • Wireguard speeds boosts streaming

If you’re on the hunt for a bargain way to circumvent Netflix blocks, Surfshark can come to the rescue. Surfshark eluded the latest Netflix changes done in mid-2021. For experienced VPN users, this is not a surprise given its brilliant server count, security infrastructure, and unblocking power.

Surfshark allowed me to watch exclusive movies on US Netflix. It was a matter of selecting the fastest servers and connecting to them. The US servers were super-fast though not on the par with big names like CyberGhost. At 25.5 Mbps, you should be calm and untroubled.

Which other Netflix regions can Surfshark access? I confirmed with the agents that the VPN could access 13 more libraries. So I wanted to check out if these lofty claims were true in the face of Netflix censorship.

The VPN services have vastly improved in terms of compared to my previous test results one year ago. My latest tests show that IPVanish supported WireGuard on my desktop computer and Android.

WireGuard speeds fostered streaming performance in each of my target countries – Canada, the UK, and France. Speeds in Germany were OK, though not as reliable as those in the nearby locations.

I experienced no lags when using Japan servers. When I tried skipping a long way ahead, there was minimal buffering.

Surfshark isn’t just for Netflix, you can access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more. You also get polished apps on several devices you have on display. If you exhaust the best movies on Netflix, there’s much to watch on these streaming sites.

Overall, Surfshark is useful for streaming. In addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee you can try it completely free for 7 days on Android or iOS.

  • Works with 7 Netflix libraries
  • One subscription plan covers 10 users
  • Average speeds

Not the most popular, but PureVPN is making inroads into the best Netflix VPNs chart. And in the coming days, we expect this VPN service to give its rivals a run for their money.

PureVPN was quite good at bypassing the Netflix VPN-blocking algorithm during my review. The app lets you access up to 7 Netflix libraries, notably the US library, which braces a huge list of titles Netflix owns currently.

Viewers can also watch Netflix UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, and France. But the streaming can be a hit or miss. Surprisingly, PureVPN consistently unblocked US content lag-free using a New York server. Thanks to its limitless number of servers in the US.

I also tested other Netflix catalogs, the results were unpleasant. With the Toronto (Canada) servers of PureVPN, the speed dropped below 10 Mbps.

Although I watched some episodes on my Smart TV, the speed of 4.58 wasn’t enough for HD images. I’m sure the distance between my physical location and the server itself affected the overall speed.

Local servers are seemingly faster in speed than faraway servers. The same happened when I jumped to yet another country –Germany. The process was full of annoying lags.

To try my luck, I selected Japanese servers manually. Here, the downloading speed suffered majorly. Since UltraHD requires 25 MBps, I was out. Even worse, Netflix nullified my streaming results with a proxy error message.

Aside from streaming, PureVPN has a clean and clear interface that can’t trouble even a novice. You just click “Connect,’ and you’re there. The provider gives you a 31-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, you can request a refund.

Compare the Best VPNs for Netflix

VPNNo. of Netflix CountriesVideo QualitySpeedsServer count Simultaneous connections
CyberGhost15Ultra HDExcellent7,500+7
NordVPN11Ultra HDExcellent5,200+6
IPVanish10HD QualityVery Good1,900+Unlimited
Surfshark14HD QualityVery Good3,200Unlimited

Why You Need a VPN for Netflix

While Netflix continues to take the largest share of the OTT pie, unblocking its different libraries is becoming tougher than it was a few years ago.

The fact that Netflix adheres and maintains a geo-block policy isn’t a reasonable reason to label the company as “mean”. Copyright issues, licensing, owners’ unwillingness to stream, and user’s interest are the main reasons.

Netflix can’t make the database available in all countries. It’s purely illegal. Netflix doesn’t forgive. It blocks all subscribers who use VPNs – through what they call ‘Netflix VPN ban’.

A VPN allows you to spoof your real location by changing your Netflix region. Even though powerhouses like the US and Canada rank in terms of volume and quality of the Netflix catalog, they miss out on some content people might need.

Another practice example, lots of anime on Japanese Netflix aren’t available elsewhere. A quality VPN will unblock them.

Which Countries Have the Largest Netflix Libraries?

Usually the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan are top contenders. With a reliable VPN, you can access them all.

CountryNumber of Shows and Movies
Netflix US5,800
Netflix Japan5,700
Netflix Canada5,600
Netflix UK5,400
Netflix Germany5,100

What to do if You Get a Netflix Proxy or VPN Error

Netflix can be frustrating at times. Imagine serving you with a proxy error message. Luckily I have a solution for you.

  • Connect to a different server – this means you change your Netflix region. For instance, if you’re connected to a California server, choose another server location across the US.
  • Clear your browser’s cache – Netflix can detect your real location through searches and information stored on your default browser cache. Clear the cookies and try again.
  • Flush DNS and check out your internet connection. Sometimes slow speed can affect the server’s load time. That’s in case the first options fail.
  • Contact Customer Support – Reach out to customer support. They’ll recommend the best servers for streaming Netflix.

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show-answer icon hide-answer icon
Do all VPNs Work with Netflix?

No. I’ve never seen a free VPN that reliably Netflix throughout my testing. Probably a freemium like TunnelBear, but again it’s limited to US Netflix only. Premium VPNs are worth your investment, though not all.

show-answer icon hide-answer icon
Can I Use a Free VPN to Stream Netflix?

Free VPNs are a waste of time. Nearly all free VPNs I’ve tested have been disappointing. Companies lack formidable resources to unblock streaming sites. Even if you find a free VPN, it has limitations – slow streaming speed, data limits, constant pop-ups, and more.

Try CyberGhost for 45 days risk-free instead. Another option could be NordVPN that offers a 30-day refund policy.

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Is It Illegal To Use A VPN For Streaming Netflix?

It’s not. But remember, Netflix doesn’t want you to use a VPN. It does its best to ban people who use the VPN and their IP addresses, too.

The Bottom Line

Netflix is an amazing home for movies, TV shows, and film fans. But you may not find a blockbuster flick in all libraries that your colleagues recommend. You can skim through the catalog and find nothing yet.

That’s where a top-notch virtual private network comes in. You install it on your device, and everything is spot on. Not sure what your budget is, but CyberGhost VPN is the winner based on my testing.

Fast speeds, reliable server network, ease of use, and first-class customer support introduce you to the best streaming experience. You can access a plethora of foreign Netflix libraries. Above all, you get a 45-day money-back period.