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Panorays: Third Party Security Experts

Panorays developed a SaaS-based platform that helps banks, insurance companies, financial services, and more eliminate third party cyber risk.

The company empowers its clients to automate and accelerate the third party evaluation process, allowing them to quickly reduce the risk of security breaches and improve its online security platform.

The Panorays advantage gives clients a rapid, accurate view of third-party security risk. Its solution combines automated, dynamic security questionnaires with non-intrusive external attack surface assessments and the context of your business relationships to help you easily manage and remediate third-party risk.

Intuitive Platform

The Panorays platform was designed to be easy for anyone to implement regardless of their technical background. It gives the clients the freedom to customize questionnaires and get the answers they need from their third-party connections without delay.

Some of the benefits of Panorays include:

  • Fast Vetting: Make quick decisions about potential suppliers based on their security situation.
  • Automation: Automate the process and get rid of manual questionnaires permanently.
  • Monitoring: Round the clock monitoring of your supplier’s security standards, to ensure it remains stable.
  • Compliance: Comply with all applicable regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and NYDFS.

Leader in Third-Party Security

Panorays is dedicated to eliminating third-party security risks so that companies worldwide can quickly and securely do business together.

They automate, accelerate and scale customers’ vendor security evaluation and risk management processes.

With Panorays, companies can quickly and easily manage, mitigate and remediate supplier security, reduce breaches, ensure vendor compliance and improve their security across the board, resulting in efficient and effective risk remediation in alignment with their security policies and risk appetite.